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The Neolithic and Early Dynastic Periods

Take a tour through the beginning of the Ancient Egyptian state.


The Old Kingdom

Discover the era in which Ancient Egypt's great pyramids were built.


The Middle Kingdom

Learn about how Ancient Egypt recovered from a dark period to reunify and flourish culturally and economically under the leadership of long-ruling pharaohs.


The New Kingdom

Learn about a period of unmatched prosperity and building activity in Ancient Egypt's history.


Mummification in the New Kingdom

Discover the history of the technique that has preserved the bodies of Ancient Egyptians for thousands of years.


The Late Period

Learn about the last period of native rule in Egypt until 1952, back in an era when Ancient Egyptians saw the throne change hands often.


The Greco-Roman Period

Learn more about Alexander the Great conquering Ancient Egypt and the famous Pharaoh Cleopatra VII.


The Coptic Period

Learn about the era when Egypt was the leading scientific, cultural, and religious province of the Roman Empire, as well as a cradle of early Christianity.


Islamic Period and Modern Egypt

Take a final journey through Ancient Egypt to the modern era, from the time of its liberation from the Romans by one of Muhammad's generals to present day.


Vocabulary of Ancient Egypt

Take a journey through the phrases and terms from the culture of Ancient Egypt.


Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

From Amun to Thoth, discover the pantheon of Ancient Egypt.