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Vibrations by Maria Butina

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Past Exhibit by Maria Butina



"Nothing rests:
everything moves;
everything vibrates."

The Kybalion

The Eternal Light

The Eternal Light

"The Eternal Light is a vibrating field
of endless energy.
It is all that is and ever will be."

N. Milanovich

Love Is

Love Is

"Love is the foundation
upon which all creation exists.
As one expresses
all creation resonates
to that truth."

John Otis

Through You

Through You

"God wants to extend Itself,
and It does so through you.
Give expression to God!
Be the Living God!"

Alan Seale

The Winds of Time

The Winds of Time

"You are now traveling on
the winds of time.
These winds blow irrespective
of other's direction."

Alan Seale

The Light and the darkness

The Light and the darkness

"If one has no time for the Light,
there will be a lot of time
for Darkness."


Butina Offering


"Give as we are willing to give,
help as we are willing to help.
Bear our sorrows and losses
as we are willing to bear theirs."

Deidra Sarault

Butina Fire

The Purification Fire

"Burn off all that is not true to you nature.
Feel your purification fire raging within.
And after the fire which consumed part of you,
you will see your everything.
You will see the real essence of Self.
Your soul essence can never be consumed."

Alan Seale

Butina Journey

The Journey

"Uncover your soul's intent
and carry it out.
The Journey to freedom
through Self."

Alan Seale

Butina Master

The Master

"The Master is the realized One.
The noble chief and leader,
who has conquered all illusions..."

Lynn V. Andrews

Butina Sanctum

In My Sanctum

"It is the Holy Place where I gather.
It is a place of wholeness,
where I enter my heart,
where I can meet Soul to Soul,
Essence to Essence,
Truth to Truth."

Raymond Stewart

Butina Silence

In The Silence

"In the silence we may hear the call..."

I.S.de Lubitcz

Butina Cathedral

The Cathedral Of The Soul

"Come with me and follow my steps
in the discovery of the Cathedral of the Soul.
Very soon, the sealed golden doors
of your soul and psyche will be opened
and the inner dimension of your own
sacredness and holiness
will be revealed."

A Quzounian

Maria Butina Ascension

Spiritual Ascension

"Open your awareness
It is a key to your enlightment.
The energy around you
and the energy within you."

Raymond Stewart

Chemical Wedding

Chemical Wedding

"When Soul touch
Love is born.
Love is self
and Love of the others."


Maria Butina Where I go

Where I Go...

"I am in you
and you are in me.
And where I go,
you go."